Shamrock Shuffle by the Flip N Mickeys!

Make no mistake: the Flip-N-Mickeys are an Irish rock cover band, blasting out Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys hits on guitars lined with green lights and a drum kit emblazoned with a leprechaun. But that isn’t all they are, lead singer Mike Illich is quick to note. Depending on the crowd, you could hear “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” in the same set as “Don’t Stop The Party” by Pitbull and TJR, as well as plenty of the styles in between. “We had the idea of putting together a punk rock Irish band, but we also offered contemporary music,” says Illich, of Cherry Hill, Camden County. This St. Patty’s Day will be the band’s three-year anniversary, and this year the trio is heading into the studio to record some original songs for an EP. They already have some original tracks online at their ReverbNation page, and they sometimes perform their own songs live. “Everybody really responds well,” Illich says of their one song, “Bottoms Up.” “There’s a big crowd participation part. I don’t know if people realize it’s an original song.” Hear their music and learn more: The band: Mike Illich, guitar and lead vocals; Marc Lewis, drummer; Mike Caprio, bass.

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The Demon Barbers

Renowned for their no holds barred approach to their live shows The Demon Barbers return to the concert stage with a new repertoire, extra band members and a modern twist to their multi-award winning Roadshow.

Since winning ‘Best Live Act’ at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in 2009 The Demon Barbers have been immersed in the development of their Folk & Hip Hop Dance Extravaganza ‘The Lock In’. Following a number of successful UK tours, including high profile shows at Glastonbury Festival and 5 star reviews for their 2 week run at Edinburgh Fringe, The Demon Barbers now bring some of the UK’s most exciting young Clog, Sword, Hip Hop & Break dancers onto the concert stage to create the live folk music & dance spectacular of the year!

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DNA study of the Celts

A DNA study of Britons has shown that genetically there is not a unique Celtic group of people in the UK.

According to the data, those of Celtic ancestry in Scotland and Cornwall are more similar to the English than they are to other Celtic groups.

The study also describes distinct genetic differences across the UK, which reflect regional identities.

And it shows that the invading Anglo Saxons did not wipe out the Britons of 1,500 years ago, but mixed with them.

Published in the Journal Nature, the findings emerge from a detailed DNA analysis of 2,000 mostly middle-aged Caucasian people living across the UK.

The individuals included had all four of their grandparents living close to each other in a rural area.

This selection criterion enabled the researchers, led from Oxford University, to filter out 20th-Century immigration and to peer back to migration patterns more than 1,000 years ago.

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Ancient Celtic Prince’s grave and chariot unearthed…


The 2,500-year-old lavish tomb and chariot of an ancient Celtic prince have been unearthed in France.

The ancient princely tomb, which was discovered in a large burial mound, was filled with stunning grave goods, including gorgeous pottery and a gold-tipped drinking vessel. The giant jug was decorated with images of the Greek god of wine and revelry, and was probably made by Greek or Etruscan artists.

The stunning new finds “are evidence of the exchanges that happened between  the Mediterranean and the Celts,” Dominique Garcia, president of France’s National institute of Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP), told journalists at a field visit, according to France 24. [See Photos of the Ancient Celtic Prince’s Tomb]

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Irish American Influence

The Overwhelming Influence of The Irish On America – Those who feel as though green beer and St. Patrick’s Day are the only contributions of the Irish in American society are short sighted and need a bit of a history lesson. Known for being witty and outspoken with hot tempers the Irish have carved their way into American life. The struggle was difficult, but the will of the Irish was stronger.

During the potato famine, commonly referred to as the Great Famine that took place around 1845, the Irish started showing up on the shores of America looking for an opportunity and a way to thwart starvation and poverty. They brought very little with them having escaped sure death considering that over 1 million people were to die of starvation during this time. They flooded the shores of Boston and New York and were treated poorly by the inhabitants. They were overcharged for rat infested tenements and an easy target for con artists that sold items that didn’t exist while pretending to be their friend. Some of those items consisted of rail and wagon tickets to escape the confines of the inhospitable cities in which they dwelled.

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