Chattanooga Strong

Would like to dedicate this video to the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the terrorist attack in Chattanooga. First for their Bravery and then for their Amazing Grace. These terrorist should know there are a whole lot more of us then them. Boston Strong, Chattanooga Strong – this list goes on and on!

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Gary Blair Ceilidh

Join Gary Blair and his Ceilidh band on Wednesday July 22, 2015 at the Hyatt Isle near Naperville, Illinois. Tickets will be sold at the door starting at 7:30 p.m.

The Gary Blair Ceilidh Band are a highly experienced, lively Ceilidh band. From weddings & parties to social nights and corporate events The Gary Blair Ceilidh Band are truly World class. Find out more at their website located at

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Mountain Rose


The Gothard Sisters managed to stir quite a buzz surrounding their live performances and studio work. These young and talented ladies seem to get better and better every single time they hit the recording studio, as showcased by their latest effort, Mountain Rose.

This record showcases a more pure and traditional approach to folk music with Celtic roots at its core: the pair’s third studio album features new original songs as well as inventive renditions of classic tracks and ballads. It’s fascinating to hear how timeless and beloved evergreens the likes of Auld Lang Syne seamlessly blend in with The Gothard Sisters’ own material, making for a really refreshing blend of old and new.

Celtic folk songs are a bit like old delta blues numbers. The songs are very simple, but they are like sponges, absorbing the personality of the performers who reinvent them, adapt them and make them their own in a very special way. This is exactly what’s happening here with The Gothard Sisters.

This elegant production is all about highlighting the value and integrity of the performances, as the girls set out to embrace a very compelling blend of traditional sonic aesthetics and contemporary energy, almost getting into folk-rock territory.

The Mountain Rose does not have an easily life: unlike a meadow flower, it needs to hold on to a rock and seek out for life and nourishment in an environment that could turn out rather unforgiving. This stark and poetic image visually embodies the power of folk music and the way this duo is re-inventing classic songs according to their own sensibilities, helping them to remain alive and exciting for newcomers and long-time folk aficionados alike.

Like when old friends meet, Mountain Rose is a welcomed edition to the Gothard Sisters repertoire of music. They are truly set for even greater success as their brand of music, their undeniable talent, dancing, customs, unlimited energy and distinct look (three blonde sisters) are working in a perfect storm of Celtic bliss! We expect to be seeing these girls continue to climb the Mountain of musical success, but for now Mountain Rose earns 5 Stars from Celtic Radio!

Mountain Rose

5.0 Stars!

Track List

1. Queen of Argyll
2. The Bandit
3. I Courted a Sailor
4. Cat in a Bush
5. The Boatman’s Call
6. St. Anne’s Reel
7. Grace O’malley
8. Mountain Rose Waltz
9. Auld Lang Syne
10. Chaos in La Casa
11. All Through the Night
12. It Was Beautiful

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The Selkie Girls


Although The Selkie Girls have been around for less than 2 years, their music and passionate live performances already managed to make waves throughout the Texas Celtic scene.

With an extended line up consisting of textures and instruments as diverse as guitars, flutes, vocals, whistles and fretless bass; the band feels versatile and comfortable within many different settings, from small club gigs to festival stages where they get to engage with a larger audience.

The Selkie Girls recently released their second studio effort; “Long Time Traveling”, hailed positively by critics and audiences alike because of the sheer energy and positivity of the performances, not to mention the musicianship of these artists. I often like to focus on the contrast between Celtic music being so timeless, yet so fresh and new when performed with the right passion and integrity: this is exactly what happens when The Selkie Girls take the stage or where I wear my headphones and get lost into their tracks echoing ancient times, but making them so contemporary and relevant – even in the crazy, kaleidoscopic world we experience in this day and age.

These dynamics are very powerful to me, because this music reminds me how we are still the same human beings looking for the same basic emotions, even though we carry smartphones with us at all times instead of sending messages through pigeons! 5 stars from Celtic Radio!


Long Time Traveling

5.0 Stars!

Track List

1. Gaelic Song
2. I’ve Just Seen a Face
3. Bold Jamie
4. Toss the Feathers
5. Molly Ban
6. MacPherson’s Rant
7. Why Should I Cry
8. Eileen Aroon / Mna Na H-Eireann
9. The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry
10. Red Haired Mary
11. Long Time Traveling
12. Galway Girl
13. The Boys of Barr Na Sraide

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Disco at the Tavern

demonbarbersRenowned for their no holds barred approach to their live shows The Demon Barbers return to the concert stage with a new repertoire, extra band members and a modern twist to their multi-award winning Roadshow.

Since winning ‘Best Live Act’ at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in 2009 The Demon Barbers have been immersed in the development of their Folk & Hip Hop Dance Extravaganza ‘The Lock In’. Following a number of successful UK tours, including high profile shows at Glastonbury Festival and 5 star reviews for their 2 week run at Edinburgh Fringe, The Demon Barbers now bring some of the UK’s most exciting young Clog, Sword, Hip Hop & Break dancers onto the concert stage to create the live folk music & dance spectacular of the year!

The Demon Barbers gained an outstanding reputation for themselves as a band that is able to unleash an incredible dose of energy on the audience as they perform a really infectious blend of folk and celtic music. These talented lads are all about embracing the grit, organicity and power of folk music and blend it with genres as diverse as dance, electronica and hip-hop.

This is a true cultural clash, but the scene that results from the impact is truly spectacular and highly entertaining. These musicians are all about engaging the crowd with their colourful act and with a spectacular set that brings the pub at the disco….Or the disco to the pub?

When musicians are having fun on the stage, the atmosphere is contagious. This is what happens when The Demon Barbers unleash their eclectic personality on the audience. Recently, the band even expanded to an extended line-up featuring more musicians in order to offer a livelier and more intense live show that could seriously turning into one of the most memorable experiences you could possibility witness in terms of folk music performed live. 5 Stars from Celtic Radio for Disco at the Tavern!

Disco at the Tavern

5.0 Stars!

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