Have Pub, Will Travel!


There’s something about a tiny bar that makes the drinking experience that much more fulfilling. Cram a couple taps into what amounts to a glorified broom closet, add a couple strangers and some live music, and you’re in for a memorable round (or five). Think Toad in Porter Square or The Plow and Stars in Cambridge. Been to San Francisco? The Black Horse London Pub should spring to mind. If there are more people waiting to get in than can fit inside, you’re on the right track.

These types of bars can be found in Boston and beyond, but they’re ubiquitous – and beloved – in Ireland. And since not all of us can hop across the pond whenever we feel like an intimate pint among friends, there’s The Shebeen, the tiny Irish pub on wheels…

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Get Up Jack!


As one of the most interesting names within the contemporary Irish music scene, it’s not a surprise that we decided to award this group of talented musicians as winners of our 2015 music awards. When we look at great Celtic music, we aren’t simply looking to judge execution, productions, recording and musicianship: the spirit that goes into the performances is a key element of the work of any great Irish folk artist or group out there. Get Up Jack are a rare breed: these guys breathe, live and experience their music from a very deep and personal place. They are also able to translate their enthusiasm and passion in ways that it becomes energy and fun for the audience, live or in the recording studio. Combining charming retro aesthetic with the timelessness of folk and the punch of modern productions, Get Up Jack set out to ignite the Celtic music scene with massive doses of charisma and liveliness, carrying the torch and continuing in the tradition of influential masters of the genre, including The Dubliners, The Pogues or The Wolfe Tones, just to mention but a few.

The band’s songs are able to fill the room with joy and happiness, thanks to the band’s great dynamics and powerful presence. The line-up showcases an incredible chemistry and a diverse set of instruments that allow them to capture the subtle nuances of the genre, while keeping their sound remarkably honest, fresh and direct. Multi-instrumentalists John Haggerty and Crick Diefendorf, guitarist Mike DeAngelis, drummer Scott Apicelli, as well as bass player Tom Pirozzi and harmonicist Doug Johnson are all seasoned veterans with massive studio and stage experience – a wealth of musicianship that is fully being used to the benefit of the Get Up Jack project.

The more we listen to the music of Get Up Jack, the more we feel a great connection with that old saying: why fix it if it ain’t broken? These talented musicians have demonstrated that they aren’t just able to carry the flame and continue in the footstep of those artists who brought Irish folk music to the masses, but they also managed to create their own legacy in the process, creating a unique connection with the audience that is strongly based on their personality and powerful performance value.

Ultimately, Get Up Jack excels at bringing together the two elements that define Irish music: the strong communality of it, and the timeless values and storytelling.

5 Stars from Celtic Radio and induction into the Celtic Radio Hall of Fame for the 2015 Album of the Year! Now raise those glasses high for a cheer to Get Up Jack!

Alive and Well Vol. I

5.0 Stars!

Track List

1. Get Up Jack
2. Reilly’s Daughter
3. Nancy Whiskey
4. The Wild Rover
5. Some Say The Devil Is Dead
6. Finnegan’s Wake
7. The Irish Rover
8. Mta
9. Back Home In Derry
10. Johnny Lad
11. The Black Velvet Band
12. Whiskey In The Jar
13. All Of The Hard Days Are Gone
14. The Spanish Lady
15. The Parting Glass

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How Life Should Be!

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Titanic Dance


An exciting new musical featuring a talented cast of Irish musicians and more.

We can’t think of a single ship that is more famous and talked about than the legendary Titanic. The oceanic vessel has been the protagonist of one of history’s most popularized shipwrecks back in 1912, and the story of the boat that didn’t manage to make it across the Atlantic ocean before crashing into a floating iceberg acquired major popularity with the modern crowd thanks to the popular “Titanic” feature film by direct James Cameron (also known for blockbuster films such as Avatar, The Terminator or Aliens).

If there is something that captures an audience even more than the energy of a great film, is probably the humanity of a stellar live performance.

Now, the famous story of the ocean liner is also a musical that hosts the talent of some of Ireland’s best folk musicians and dancers, making for a dazzling show of sounds, stories, light and magic. As many of the passengers of the Titanic were Irish, folk music is a great way to tell the story of the many souls who lost their lives on their way to the new world. These people were hoping to find a better life for themselves, perhaps starting families of their own or supporting loved ones by working from the land of opportunities and sending money home. However, Titanic Dance is not the story of tragic loss of life: it is a joyful celebration that will charm, dazzle and entertain audience of all walks of life.

The CD, Music from the Show, is a wonderful collection of Irish music perfectly played and a tribute to the success of the show. Expect to hear some lovely Irish traditional dance music,  beautiful vocals and flutes to bring this CD alive in the memory of Titanic. If you appreciate shows like “Riverdance” or “Lord the Dance” then chances are you are going to find “Titanic Dance” irresistibly entertaining!

Find out more and learn more about this unique performances. Stay tuned, because this time around, the most famous ship in the history of seafaring might finally make the jump over the pond after all: Titanic Dance is currently looking to arrange American performances to reach out to a whole new crowd!

5 Stars from Celtic Radio!

Music From The Show

5.0 Stars!

Track List

1. Queenstown
2. Water Is Wide
3. Boiler Room
4. Dames Dans Le Soleil
5. Calm Waters
6. I Know My Love
7. Carpathia
8. Steerage
9. Forbidden Love
10. Lahardane Waltz
11. The Scramble
12. Nearer My God To Thee / The Parting Glass

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The Narrowbacks

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