Charlie Zahm

We listen to a ton of music every day, and every once in a while, we have the pleasure to come across something truly special. This is definitely the case of Charlie Zahm and his brand new release, “Sing Me A Song Of A Lad Who Is Gone”.

Throughout his extensive career, Charlie managed to stand out as a great soloist, bringing the feel, sound and spirit of Celtic music to stages throughout the USA. His deep, baritone vocals have been described as “once-in-a-generation” and Charlie received praise and accolades for his work.

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Did Astronomers Build Stonehenge?

Ever since humans could look up to see the sky, we have been amazed by its beauty and untold mysteries. Naturally then, astronomy is often described as the oldest of the sciences, inspiring people for thousands of years. Celestial phenomena are featured in prehistoric cave paintings. And monuments such as the Great Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge seem to be aligned with precision to cardinal points or the positions where the moon, sun or stars rise and set on the horizon.

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Iona’s music is not only inspired by the timeless traditions of Celtic folk, but it also dives deeper into ancestral European traditions from France, Cornwall and Spain, while tipping the hat to American roots music…

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The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys are awesome! Love the Scottish location and bagpipers…

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If you’re desperately seeking a Game of Thrones fix while enduring the long wait for the HBO fantasy epic’s 2019 return, you could do a lot worse than Britannia. The new historical drama from Amazon Studios and Sky has much in common with the world of Westeros, even though it’s set in our own world, tracing the conflicts between the native Celts and the invading Romans in 43 AD.

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