Wild Russian Fold Dancing

This is a Russian Folk Group Otava Yo and they have a new video featuring some wild Russian Folk Dancing. Guaranteed you will either want to grow a beard and move to Russia or perhaps maybe just pick up their new CD if you can figure it out! You can find out more about this group from Russian by visiting their website, however, it appears to be in Russian. Always interested in the similarities between Russian Folk and Celtic Music – perhaps these are the original Celts!


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A Highland Dance Documentary

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Finding Meaning in Celtic Art

There is an undeniable aura that surrounds Celtic designs and Druid traditions. Although I have strong family ties to both Ireland and Scotland, you don’t need a Celtic heritage to be enticed by the culture. It’s been said that as long as you respect Mother Earth and feel an affinity with the Celtic people you too have a Celtic soul.

The meanings behind all of the spirals, knots, labyrinths, and crosses have intrigued many people for many centuries. Since you will find all of these symbols in this book, a brief explanation of some of the more popular interpretations are listed on below..

Read the full article at Celtic Radio!

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Underground Medieval Palace

old_medievalOld Sarum in Salisbury, the UK, is rich with history, dating back 5,000 years. During the Iron Age, it became the site of a hill fort, during the Roman occupation of Britain hundreds of years later, it became a military outpost and, during the Middle Ages, the site of a bustling city.

Although much of these ruins have been excavated over the years, there are sections that remained underground: the Inner and Outer Baileys of the ancient hillfort, where a city arose in the 11th Century, complete with a castle and cathedral — and stood for over 300 years, declining in the 13th century when New Sarum — Salisbury — rose, and the city relocated.

Although the existence of this city was known, its layout was not — and now a number of surveys have revealed the network of buildings — including what was probably one of the largest royal palaces of the time.

Read the full article from CNET.com

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Apple T.V.

apple_tvApple TV gives you access to tons of great HD content in a tiny package. Enjoy blockbuster movies, TV shows, live sports and news, your music, photos, and more — right on your high-definition TV. You can even play content from your iOS devices or Mac on your TV using AirPlay. Best of all, Apple TV is just $99.

Choose from thousands of blockbuster movies and the latest TV shows in addition to classic films and shows from iTunes — many in stunning 1080p HD. Get great bonus content like behind-the-scenes footage, cast and crew interviews, and deleted scenes on HD movies1 with iTunes Extras. And access content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, HBO GO, SHOWTIME ANYTIME, WatchESPN, and more.

Wirelessly play video, show off photos, and enjoy music and more from your iOS devices or Mac on your HDTV and home entertainment system. And with peer-to-peer AirPlay, guests can wirelessly and quickly connect to your Apple TV without being on the same network or signing in with a password.

All in all a great product especially for those that have Apple products such as iPods, Ipads and Macs. If you have a large library of iTunes movies and shows, then this would be the perfect device to stream those to your HD T.V. However, unlike Amazon’s Fire TV – there is no Prime type membership which gives you access to thousands of movies and shows. So we are giving Apple TV a solid 4 star review due to the lack of a prime type membership. In respect to the hardware, no other streaming device compares!


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