Underground Medieval Palace

old_medievalOld Sarum in Salisbury, the UK, is rich with history, dating back 5,000 years. During the Iron Age, it became the site of a hill fort, during the Roman occupation of Britain hundreds of years later, it became a military outpost and, during the Middle Ages, the site of a bustling city.

Although much of these ruins have been excavated over the years, there are sections that remained underground: the Inner and Outer Baileys of the ancient hillfort, where a city arose in the 11th Century, complete with a castle and cathedral — and stood for over 300 years, declining in the 13th century when New Sarum — Salisbury — rose, and the city relocated.

Although the existence of this city was known, its layout was not — and now a number of surveys have revealed the network of buildings — including what was probably one of the largest royal palaces of the time.

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Apple T.V.

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Coat of Arms Online

Coat of Arms Online
We are very pleased to announce the official release of Celtic Radio’s new store called “Coat of Arms Online.” The name has been chosen to reflect the genealogical nature of what our site is all about – the music and history of our ancestors. Going forward all of our products will be branded with our new store logo and name!

The store itself is our own creation and has been in development for a number of years. For the past 7 months we have been burning the midnight oil fixing many sections of the store and striving to provide an easy one click shop for our customers.

Family History Search
But our new store is not all about sales. We have developed a rich and deep database of Surname Histories and First Name meanings which entails about 70,000 names. Use this as a research tool to look up all of your family names or use our first name meaning database to pick out that perfect baby name. We have wealth of free information available that can be used any time.

Access the First and Last name Search tool at:


And if you choose to make a purchase, remember that all sales will help benefit this site and broadcast.

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Long Time Courting

Boston-based band Long Time Courting is an all-women supergroup featuring Shannon Heaton (flute, accordion, vocals) of Matt & Shannon Heaton and Childsplay, Liz Simmons (guitar, vocals) of Annalivia and the John Whelan Band, Valerie Thompson (cello, vocals) of Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards and Fluttr Effect, and newest member Katie McNally (fiddle, vocals), also of Childsplay. Together as Long Time Courting, these four talented woman offer an extraordinary blend of neo-traditional Irish, Scottish and American music that showcases each musician’s versatility, creativity, and mastery. Exquisite vocal harmonies combine with formidable instrumental prowess to create music that is both playful and richly satisfying. The members of the group are all seasoned performers, having toured with such notable acts as The John Whelan Band, Childsplay, Robbie O’Connell, Aoife Clancy, and Carlos Núñez.

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Authentic Scottish Castle Music

Today most of Scotland’s castles are dramatic ruins. It can be hard to imagine their bare stone rooms full of life, colour and sound but these castles were once home to thriving communities. Every castle has stories to tell.

Through the medieval age Scotland’s castles evolved from defensive timber towers with wooden palisades to massive stone fortresses and tower houses. Eventually the Scots built more comfortable and lavish castles, importing ideas from French chateaux.

Enjoy 10 beautiful Highland Scottish tracks from Authentic Scottish Castle Music now free on Amazon.com. If you like the Starz series Outlander, then this music is the perfect companion while waiting for the next show.

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