Often when you think of the fusion of traditional Irish music and rock and roll there are some staples that come to mind; The Pogues, Flogging Molly and of course, The Dropkick Murphys. But, there are always plenty of European bands doing this beautiful mix who haven’t stormed the beaches of America yet. Hungarian rock band Firkin is a fine example. Wonderfully blending centuries-old Irish story telling with fast, upbeat, driving rock music.

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Jennifer Licko

jennifer_lickoJennifer Licko is an artist and performer from North Carolina. Her music embody the perfect compromise between new world and old world folk, blending in elements as diverse as Americana, bluegrass, country and Celtic.

I’ve always been passionate about music genres that grow and evolve based on so many different factors. European folk music traveled a long, long way across the vast and cold Atlantic Ocean to reach the shores of America. People brought their own songs, their own stories and their own memories in the form of their favourite tunes, but the music kept changing and acquiring new meanings; one generation after the other. Eventually, instruments and melodies of European music blended in with sounds that traveled all the way from Africa, originating exciting genres such as blues and rock. When I listen to the songs featured within “A thousand curses upon love”, the latest studio work by Jennifer Licko, I am reminded of this beautiful story of sound – this story of evolution and emotion embedded deeply in the heart of those who sing and those who listen.

As a world traveler and multi-instrumentalist, Jennifer develops a truly kaleidoscopic attitude to musical composition, making for exciting and personal performances with a credible and spontaneous energy: it’s all about bridging the gaps between culture and emotion! Culture is actually such an important part in Jennifer’s life that she set out to collaborate on many school programs focused on the importance of cultural diversity.

“A thousand curses upon love” is not only the portrait of a talented performer, but also a fantastic journey through many musical and cultural traditions and more importantly…a collection of heartwarming and beautiful songs. And that earns it not only a 5 star review from Celtic Radio, but our selection of the 2014 Celtic Radio Album of the year!

Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story:


A Thousand Curses Upon Love

5.0 Stars!

Track List

1. Turning Away
2. The Moon Going Home
3. Mile Marbhphaisg Air A’Ghaol
4. Fickle Breezes
5. Nollaig na mBan
6. The Song of the Singing Horseman
7. Siuthadaibh bhalachaibh
8. Hard Times Come Again No More
9. The Sea
10. Clare to Here

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Fuinnimh – The Egyptian set

Conor O’Sullivan playing the Egyptian Set with Fuinnimh. Very nice!

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All Our Yesterdays


Since Richie Blackmore and Candice Night joined forces as Blackmore’s Night, they have been almost single-handedly responsible for the newfound mainstream popularity of traditional folk music. The band, however, didn’t only limit their output to interpreting and performing music the way it used to be performed (even paying particularly attention to reproducing the sound and feel of antique instruments), but they set out to adapt their influences to their own sensibility, creating a unique blend of sonic aesthetics that have become more and more consolidating record after record.

The former Deep Purple and Rainbow member seems to have found his right home within this prolific project, now reaching the important milestone of its 10th studio album!

While, the title track introduces the album set list with some truly hypnotic vibes, slightly reminiscent of Balkan folk, following number “Allan Yn N Fan” echo the sounds of Irish / Celtic music with some modern updates, as electric guitar lines add an extra bit of contrast. One of the album’s pivotal moment is definitely the band’s rendition of Mike Oldfield’s classic single, “Moonlight Shadow”. Candice Night truly owns the lyrics and set out to make the vocals her own with a stunning and ethereal performance.

One of the most impressive qualities of the album is definitely the sheer variety of the arrangements and the beautiful sonic aesthetics associated with the composition and performance of these songs. The diverse backdrop of instruments as well as Candice Night’s very distinctive vocal performances have been a part of Blackmore’s Nights trademark sound since day one, but the band feels more and more confident in their performances, as if Blackmore & co became more and more aware of their means, as well as of the perks of their unique sound, record after record. On All Our Yesterdays, the kaleidoscopic approach to music of this band is definitely explored as an exciting possibility, whether the group is performing stunning originals or heartfelt cover versions.

The album stands out as an excellent effort, showcasing how Blackmore’s Night seamlessly continues to establish themselves as a unique act with their one-of-a-kind blend of folk songs, antique instrumentation and hints of contemporary rock. 5 Stars from Celtic Radio.

Read More from Celtic Radio.

All Our Yesterdays

5.0 Stars!

Track List

1. All Our Yesterdays
2. Allan Yn N Fan
3. Darker Shade of Black
4. Long Long Time
5. Moonlight Shadow
6. I Got You Babe
7. The Other Side
8. Queen’s Lament
9. Where Are We Going From Here
10. Will O’ the Wisp
11. Earth Wind and Sky
12. Coming Home

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Welcome to SYR!


From their humble beginnings as a cover band, to developing their unique blend of genres, SYR set out to gather inspiration from Celtic Folk, Irish drinking songs, Scottish folk numbers and Gaelic Ballads, blending these timeless genres with a contemporary twist coming in the form of their rock music background. On their recent self-titled album, the band alternates personal lyricism to storytelling inspired by Celtic Myths and old folk tales, going for a very personal and relatable approach.

Hailing from Columbia, SC, the combo blends in different sounds and ideas, from guitar-oriented numbers to the beautiful colors of the fiddle leads. The band consists of brothers Jacob and Josh McCleery (drums and guitar), Emily Bracey (fiddle), Timothy Strevens (bass), and siblings, Kyle and Laurel MacCallum, (lead guitar/vocals and backup vocals).

One of the band’s most distinctive traits is definitely their ability to swing from upbeat numbers such as “Defiance” to touching and personal ballads the likes of Funeral Pyre, showcasing the band’s most intimate side.

“I drove my father to drink” is a great example of the band’s vivid and descriptive blend of storytelling: a lyrical approach with an almost autobiographical power that blends in really well with the tone of folk music and rock grit.

This young folk rock combo sounds mature and accomplished, as testified by diverse and emotionally powerful recordings where upbeat songs, folk ballads and rock stompers coexist. Roots run deep in South Carolina and so does musical talent earning a 5 star review from Celtic Radio!

Read the Full review at Celtic Radio!


5.0 Stars!

Track List

1. Mo Gradh (moi rah)
2. Defiance
3. Albion
4. Funeral Pyre
5. Who Are You
6. Home
7. In The End
8. I Drove My Father To Drink

Visit SYR's website!

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