House of Hamill

Rose Baldino and Brian Buchanan have been making music for many years, and they happened to cross paths about a decade ago, somewhere in the backstage of a theatre in rural Pennsylvania. Ever since then, they shared quite a few musical adventures, touring around the country, although they finally decided to collaborate in 2014.

Also busy with his band “Enter the Haggis”, Brian immediately struck up great stage chemistry with Rose, and moved to Philadelphia, where the pair started “House of Hamill. The young duo have over 25 years of collective experience as musicians and songwriters, and they both excel at a wide variety of instruments, from fiddle to classical violin and guitar. Their songs are always on the edge of traditional and innovation, as they clearly enjoy what they are playing and their performances are electrifying. The pair debuted earlier in 2016, with “Wide Awake”, an album chockfull of mesmerizing melodies that redefine what’s traditional, with personality and verve.

One of the most striking aspects about the songs on the album, and the performances of this talented pair of musicians, is definitely the rare ability to truly touch the audience with their enthusiasm and deep passion for the craft. With so much experience, Rose and Brian are true naturals, and they know what it takes to keep the audience engaged, whether on a stage or in the recording studio.

On songs such as “Heart Shaped Box” or “Daydream”, the duo explores some really uplifting melodies with some fun and heartfelt executions. Tracks such as “Guns Of The Magnificent Seven” and “Fierce Cottage” are absolutely electrifying with energy seeping through each note, even during the most mellow moments. The latter song is particularly striking for its tense, dark atmospheres, combined with the uplifting rhythm section and the masterfully executed fiddle leads and rhythm guitar arrangement.

House of Hamill channels the diverse background and wealth of talented skills of both musicians involved within this project. They achieve a truly interesting blend of folk, which is rather separated from the pair’s other projects and bands, but yet it still retains that common denominator: passion, heart and feeling behind everything they do.

5 stars from Celtic Radio for this Celt-Folk Dream Team!

Wide Awake

5.0 Stars!


Track List

1. The Pinnacle
2. Nightmare
3. Memory
4. Fierce Cottage
5. Daydream
6. Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
7. Flashback
8. Son Ar Rost
9. Wide Awake
10. Heart Shaped Box

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The Great Heathen Army!

The Great Heathen Army has arrived on the History Channel!

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The Gothard Sisters – Falling Snow

The Gothard Sisters know a thing or two about great Celtic music, and as a family band, they do have a certain special blend of chemistry, particularly when performing songs of love, hope and happiness during the festive season. The Gothard Sisters set out to make a name for themselves ever since they got started in the Celtic music scene back in 2006. Since then, they went on to perform over a thousand shows to acclaim and praise from fans and critics alike. These talented multi-instrumentalist kept building up a loyal following, not only thanks to their undiscussed mastery of the craft and deep passion for great Celtic music, but also for their youthful energy and great ability to entertain people and connect with crowds.

The girls went on to develop a very special sound that transcends the borders of classic Celtic music and goes on to feature a wide variety of elements and influences, ranging from pop to Americana. Yet, all of these eclectic influences are blended in quite subtly, as the footprint of the Celtic music scene remains particularly strong through the band’s musical portfolio. Recently, the Gothard sisters set out to celebrate Christmas with a special album, featuring a collection of classic tunes, reimagined, reworked and interpreted in their own, unique way. The release features 9 tracks, including various carols and traditional compositions, reinvented in a very unique way.

The Gothard Sisters are particularly well-known for their energetic, light-hearted approach: you will often find them playing to their audiences with a smile on their face, but also conquering their hearts with their charming personalities and outgoing stage demeanor. This particular attitude works particularly well with the naturally positive energy of Christmas songs and the mix could not be any better.

This is definitely one of those records that will be a mainstay around our Christmas tree this year, and we could definitely see it as a soundtrack to any beautiful Christmas Eve spent surrounded by the love and warmth of family members. We find it particularly inspiring that the Gothard Sisters, a family in its own right, set out to keep many traditions alive with their music, from the timeless sound of Celtic folk to our favorite Christmas vibes!

5 Stars from Celtic Radio for keeping the season and the meaning of Christmas alive with Falling Snow!

Track List
1. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
2. Christmas Flower
3. Winter Wonderland
4. Good King Wenceslas
5. French Carol
6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
7. The Happy Elf
8. Still Still Still
9. Skaters Waltz
10. Joy to the World

Read the full article over at Celtic Radio!

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Hidden Cross Emerges in Ireland


Hidden Celtic Cross Emerges in Ireland…

If you happen to be flying over County Donegal in the republic of Ireland, you may be astonished to see a beautiful arrangement of conifer trees in the shape of a Celtic cross growing on the ground below.

“It’s not just cutting patterns in your back garden,” Gareth Austin, a gardening columnist for the Donegal Daily said. “This is horticultural engineering – we will be appreciating this for up to the next 70 years…

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These are the Days


From their website, “Known for their captivating sound and engaging stage presence, Burning Bridget Cleary is currently one of the hottest young acts on the Celtic and folk music circuits. Band-leader Rose Baldino drives this band, delivering a dynamic blend of charisma, crackerjack fiddle work, and tightly woven harmonies. The front of the band is shared with some of the best fiddle talent on the East Coast. Currently featured is Amy Beshara, a multi-talented musician from the the NYC Scottish trad scene. The driving rhythm and bass end is supplied by Lou Baldino on guitar and Peter Trezzi on percussion.”

Burning Bridget Cleary have been working really hard to build their reputation as an exciting live act as well as excellent studio musicians. Their recent album, “These Are The Days” is a collection of songs that feel energetic, passionate and understated, translating the spirit of Celtic music with elegance and enthusiasm. Their engaging approach to music and the youthfulness of their performances are a true breath of fresh air for a group who isn’t only technically well-rounded, but also emotionally connected to the songs they perform. The have their hearts and their chops aligned, as they fill their songs with flamboyant fiddle licks, stunning harmonies and solid rhythm work courtesy of a skill percussion / bass section.

“These Are The Days” is chockfull of songs that showcase the most colorful and energetic side of traditional music. For example, their explosive rendition of “Madam I’m a darling” is a great example of the band’s musical prowess as well as their engaging approach. The band also shines on their instrumental work, including tracks such as “Chloe’s Passion”, where the fiddle truly takes its well-deserved place under the spotlight. Instrumental music has always been among my favorite expressions, and when you blend the Celtic tones and aesthetics with some really high quality musicianship, it is truly incredible to see things unfold. It is almost like a direct line that starts from the heart of the player, going to their mind, their hands, their instruments, and straight into the ears and hearts of the audience. From their most melancholic and heart-breaking tunes to their most up-beat and energetic vibes, these guys know how to rock some folk and get an audience truly excited! This band does a commendable job at keeping the authenticity of the Celtic sound alive, while approaching their genre with a playful, endearing twist that makes the music even more special. “These Are The Days” is ultimately a great snapshot of the band’s talent and personality! 5 stars from Celtic Radio!

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