itouch_lgIn our last issue we talked about how to wirelessly stream music from your computer equipment to a remote speaker using the Shift Wireless speaker system. This month we take a look at a high end solution to streaming music remotely with the Apple iPod – commonly referred to as the iTouch. With a list price of $214.99 from, this little device is a bit pricey, but well worth every penny for the simply magnificent features built into this piece of technological heaven. 

Some of the key features include a slim rectangular shape with rounded edges, a glass touch screen, thousands of free apps to download from the App Store and built in wireless access to your home wireless router or any public access wireless router. One of the unique features of the iTouch (and the one that sold us), was its built in glass touch screen and navigation system. It is extremely easy to use and is the only mobile device whose onscreen keyboard actually works flawless each and every keystroke!

Now, let’s get to the number one reason why we are including the iTouch in our Go Wireless column – Live365! The most compelling reason to purchase an iTouch is the free Live365 application that is included in the Apple App Store. Simply search for Live365 in the App Store, install the application and a Live365 icon will appear on your iTouch desktop. Select the Live365 application with a touch of the finger, sign-in to your Live365 account and start streaming music directly to your iTouch including all 5 Celtic Radio channels. Go to your favorite hotspot bookstore, coffee shop or add a base station to your iTouch with speakers and you can bring your Celtic Radio music anywhere you go in your house, yard or beyond!

Some of the great features you can expect while using Live365 through the iTouch:

  • Listen to Live365 in your car.
  • Connects with your cell data plan or wi-fi.
  • Artist and track info with album artwork.
  • Unlimited presets synced to the website.
  • Multiple skins/themes. anywhere.
  • Celtic Radio in CD quality.

Music can be purchased directly through the iTouch using Apple’s iTunes music store and through the computer using the iTunes software. Music that you purchase on your computer through iTunes can be automatically transfered to the iTouch using a USB cable for easy on the go music anywhere you travel. Our one complaint with the iTunes store and software is that the majority of the music available for purchase is DRM protected which means it can only be played on your Apple product. We give Apple a big thumbs down on DRM protection which hinders consumer’s ability to transfer their music to other mobile devices or computers in their homes or office. Our suggestion is to use Amazon’s DRM free MP3 download service which in most cases appears to be less expensive then the iTunes.

Another great feature for you “Go Wireless” people is the ability to play full length digital movies on your iTouch. Movies can be obtain either through the iTunes store or converted using digital software. A number of recently released movies are also including a digital copy of the movie that is included with your DVD purchase. Simply add this digital copy to your iTunes, sync the iTouch up with your USB cable or docking station, and you got a full length movie to watch on the subway, by the pool or in the car!

The beauty of the iTouch is the all in one approach that Apple has taken. The iPod Touch is a portable media player, personal digital assistant, Wi-Fi mobile platform and includes a web browser, email, you tube videos, stocks and thousands of free software from the Apple App store. We believe the iTouch will give the most demanding customer many years of enjoyment, and with a rich selection of features, we give Apple’s iTouch system a thumbs up for our Celtic Radio members. Now go Wireless!ikoni

About The Celtic Highlander

So, you might be wondering now how did Celtic Radio come to be? What is our inspiration? Celtic Radio was created to bring together a community of listeners, performers and musicians to share and converse in Celtic culture. Our inspiration for this endeavour is the music, but let’s face it, the radio waves and TV are ruled by an endless barrage of top 40 musicians and performers. Listen to your local AM or FM band and chances are you will not find many Celtic music stations, if you find any at all! How then can the devoted musicians that play at the Irish Festivals and Highland Games ever get heard beyond that venue? How can people discover Celtic music if there is no place to listen? Hence was born the idea of a free 24 hour Celtic Radio station available on the World Wide Web for all to enjoy.
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