Leprechaun Treasure Box

Start a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition with your family by making a treasure box and leaving it out under the moon on the night before St. Patrick’s Day where a leprechaun might find it.

Legend has it that if a Leprechaun comes across a decorated treasure box under the moon, he must fill it with gold, jewels or gifts. After filling the box with loot, the leprechaun then hides it in hopes that no one will find it on St. Patrick’s Day because if it is found on St. Patrick’s Day the treasure belongs to whoever found it and remains in our world. If the treasure is not found on St. Patrick’s Day, then the leprechaun may retrieve what is rightfully his.

The box should be small enough for a tiny leprechaun to reach over the sides in order to fill it. If it is too big, the leprechaun won’t be able to fill it with riches and it will remain empty. An empty tissue box, a shoe box or a small treasure box from the craft store are the perfect size for leprechauns to work with.

Bring out the glitter, paint, glue, buttons, ribbon, stickers and other craft supplies. Let your child decorate the box in whatever way he or she is inspired to do. The gaudier it is, the better to attract leprechauns. Allow to dry.

Just before bedtime, help your child find a spot where the moon will shine on the box over night. It could be a windowsill or on the front porch.

Overnight, while the child is asleep, a leprechaun will stumble across the box and fill it with treasure. (Hint, hint – this is where you come in.) Choose goodies such as chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, bubble solution, trading cards, a bag of marbles, costume jewelry and other little items your child enjoys. Next hide the box because, remember, leprechauns are tricky and they want to keep the treasure for themselves. Leave little clues in the form of a shamrock trail leading to the hiding spot or a riddle to solve.

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