New Poll: Gerry Adams and the IRA

Gerry AdamsMost Americans no little of the troubles of Northern Ireland and the I.R.A. We watched during the late 70s and early 80s on the news each night about the bombings and the murders – but the reasons for it all and the discord between peoples of the same stock seemed to escape us.

Perhaps it is our youthful United States that makes the glue that binds us stronger than the hundreds and thousands of years of troubles between the people of Ireland, Scotland, England seem trivial and in the past. Letting go of our history, our culture and our way of life for a new life in America allowed us to let fall these ancient hatreds in the ocean and start anew.

Still, when one begins to read the story of Jean McConville (mother of 10) and how she was murdered by the I.R.A. for simply helping a wounded soldier – you cannot help but feel thankful that we live in the country of America where this would hopefully never happen.

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