Coat of Arms Online

Coat of Arms Online
We are very pleased to announce the official release of Celtic Radio’s new store called “Coat of Arms Online.” The name has been chosen to reflect the genealogical nature of what our site is all about – the music and history of our ancestors. Going forward all of our products will be branded with our new store logo and name!

The store itself is our own creation and has been in development for a number of years. For the past 7 months we have been burning the midnight oil fixing many sections of the store and striving to provide an easy one click shop for our customers.

Family History Search
But our new store is not all about sales. We have developed a rich and deep database of Surname Histories and First Name meanings which entails about 70,000 names. Use this as a research tool to look up all of your family names or use our first name meaning database to pick out that perfect baby name. We have wealth of free information available that can be used any time.

Access the First and Last name Search tool at:

And if you choose to make a purchase, remember that all sales will help benefit this site and broadcast.

About The Celtic Highlander

So, you might be wondering now how did Celtic Radio come to be? What is our inspiration? Celtic Radio was created to bring together a community of listeners, performers and musicians to share and converse in Celtic culture. Our inspiration for this endeavour is the music, but let’s face it, the radio waves and TV are ruled by an endless barrage of top 40 musicians and performers. Listen to your local AM or FM band and chances are you will not find many Celtic music stations, if you find any at all! How then can the devoted musicians that play at the Irish Festivals and Highland Games ever get heard beyond that venue? How can people discover Celtic music if there is no place to listen? Hence was born the idea of a free 24 hour Celtic Radio station available on the World Wide Web for all to enjoy.
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