Dancing Dream Comes True

In October of 2010 a 4-year old girl named Natarsha from Australia went with her parents on a trip to Disney World, FL that would change her life. On that trip her and her parents found themselves at Downtown Disney looking for a bite to eat and as faith would have it they decided to go to Raglan Road.

Being a first visit for them to the restaurant Natarsha’s parents had no idea how that visit would impact their young daughters life. Raglan Road isn’t just famous for it’s lovely Irish food but also for their great Irish dancing entertainment they put on every night. That night in October 2010 the Irish dancers and their foot-stomping jigs hypnotized little Natarsha. After that you could say she caught the Irish dancing bug and when asked what made her fall in love with it she quickly answers “the music”.

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About The Celtic Highlander

So, you might be wondering now how did Celtic Radio come to be? What is our inspiration? Celtic Radio was created to bring together a community of listeners, performers and musicians to share and converse in Celtic culture. Our inspiration for this endeavour is the music, but let’s face it, the radio waves and TV are ruled by an endless barrage of top 40 musicians and performers. Listen to your local AM or FM band and chances are you will not find many Celtic music stations, if you find any at all! How then can the devoted musicians that play at the Irish Festivals and Highland Games ever get heard beyond that venue? How can people discover Celtic music if there is no place to listen? Hence was born the idea of a free 24 hour Celtic Radio station available on the World Wide Web for all to enjoy.
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