Irish American Influence

The Overwhelming Influence of The Irish On America – Those who feel as though green beer and St. Patrick’s Day are the only contributions of the Irish in American society are short sighted and need a bit of a history lesson. Known for being witty and outspoken with hot tempers the Irish have carved their way into American life. The struggle was difficult, but the will of the Irish was stronger.

During the potato famine, commonly referred to as the Great Famine that took place around 1845, the Irish started showing up on the shores of America looking for an opportunity and a way to thwart starvation and poverty. They brought very little with them having escaped sure death considering that over 1 million people were to die of starvation during this time. They flooded the shores of Boston and New York and were treated poorly by the inhabitants. They were overcharged for rat infested tenements and an easy target for con artists that sold items that didn’t exist while pretending to be their friend. Some of those items consisted of rail and wagon tickets to escape the confines of the inhospitable cities in which they dwelled.

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