House of Hamill

Rose Baldino and Brian Buchanan have been making music for many years, and they happened to cross paths about a decade ago, somewhere in the backstage of a theatre in rural Pennsylvania. Ever since then, they shared quite a few musical adventures, touring around the country, although they finally decided to collaborate in 2014.

Also busy with his band “Enter the Haggis”, Brian immediately struck up great stage chemistry with Rose, and moved to Philadelphia, where the pair started “House of Hamill. The young duo have over 25 years of collective experience as musicians and songwriters, and they both excel at a wide variety of instruments, from fiddle to classical violin and guitar. Their songs are always on the edge of traditional and innovation, as they clearly enjoy what they are playing and their performances are electrifying. The pair debuted earlier in 2016, with “Wide Awake”, an album chockfull of mesmerizing melodies that redefine what’s traditional, with personality and verve.

One of the most striking aspects about the songs on the album, and the performances of this talented pair of musicians, is definitely the rare ability to truly touch the audience with their enthusiasm and deep passion for the craft. With so much experience, Rose and Brian are true naturals, and they know what it takes to keep the audience engaged, whether on a stage or in the recording studio.

On songs such as “Heart Shaped Box” or “Daydream”, the duo explores some really uplifting melodies with some fun and heartfelt executions. Tracks such as “Guns Of The Magnificent Seven” and “Fierce Cottage” are absolutely electrifying with energy seeping through each note, even during the most mellow moments. The latter song is particularly striking for its tense, dark atmospheres, combined with the uplifting rhythm section and the masterfully executed fiddle leads and rhythm guitar arrangement.

House of Hamill channels the diverse background and wealth of talented skills of both musicians involved within this project. They achieve a truly interesting blend of folk, which is rather separated from the pair’s other projects and bands, but yet it still retains that common denominator: passion, heart and feeling behind everything they do.

5 stars from Celtic Radio for this Celt-Folk Dream Team!

Wide Awake

5.0 Stars!


Track List

1. The Pinnacle
2. Nightmare
3. Memory
4. Fierce Cottage
5. Daydream
6. Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
7. Flashback
8. Son Ar Rost
9. Wide Awake
10. Heart Shaped Box

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