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‘Celticity’ generally refers to the cultural commonalities of Celtic peoples, based on similarities in language, material artifacts, social organisation and mythological factors. Earlier theories were that this indicated a common racial origin but more recent theories are reflective of culture and language rather than race. Celtic cultures seem to have had numerous diverse characteristics but the commonality between these diverse peoples was the use of a Celtic language.


If you enjoy stories of Irish Myths such as changelings and witches – vampires and true stories from the past, then you will love the new Amazon series that premiered on Friday the 13th called Lore. Read more from Celtic … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Cliff House

The Cliff House, perched majestically above the ocean near San Francisco’s northwestern tip, has been one of the city’s most famous landmarks since it opened in 1863… Read more from Celtic Radio.

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Strong Bow

Kierah’s new album – Strong Bow – is a pleasant and atmospheric journey through old and new melodies… Read more on Celtic Radio.

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The Health Benefits of Celtic Music!

New studies suggest that music can be more powerful than medication. If you have listened to some of our Celtic music channels over the years, you might have noticed that you are more relaxed while listening to Celtic Moon; or … Continue reading

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Weir Celts!

Certain music is so timeless that you can simply connect to it almost instantly – as soon as the notes hit your ears and the groove settle into your heart, you are immediately transported into a whole new dimension – … Continue reading

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