These are the Days


From their website, “Known for their captivating sound and engaging stage presence, Burning Bridget Cleary is currently one of the hottest young acts on the Celtic and folk music circuits. Band-leader Rose Baldino drives this band, delivering a dynamic blend of charisma, crackerjack fiddle work, and tightly woven harmonies. The front of the band is shared with some of the best fiddle talent on the East Coast. Currently featured is Amy Beshara, a multi-talented musician from the the NYC Scottish trad scene. The driving rhythm and bass end is supplied by Lou Baldino on guitar and Peter Trezzi on percussion.”

Burning Bridget Cleary have been working really hard to build their reputation as an exciting live act as well as excellent studio musicians. Their recent album, “These Are The Days” is a collection of songs that feel energetic, passionate and understated, translating the spirit of Celtic music with elegance and enthusiasm. Their engaging approach to music and the youthfulness of their performances are a true breath of fresh air for a group who isn’t only technically well-rounded, but also emotionally connected to the songs they perform. The have their hearts and their chops aligned, as they fill their songs with flamboyant fiddle licks, stunning harmonies and solid rhythm work courtesy of a skill percussion / bass section.

“These Are The Days” is chockfull of songs that showcase the most colorful and energetic side of traditional music. For example, their explosive rendition of “Madam I’m a darling” is a great example of the band’s musical prowess as well as their engaging approach. The band also shines on their instrumental work, including tracks such as “Chloe’s Passion”, where the fiddle truly takes its well-deserved place under the spotlight. Instrumental music has always been among my favorite expressions, and when you blend the Celtic tones and aesthetics with some really high quality musicianship, it is truly incredible to see things unfold. It is almost like a direct line that starts from the heart of the player, going to their mind, their hands, their instruments, and straight into the ears and hearts of the audience. From their most melancholic and heart-breaking tunes to their most up-beat and energetic vibes, these guys know how to rock some folk and get an audience truly excited! This band does a commendable job at keeping the authenticity of the Celtic sound alive, while approaching their genre with a playful, endearing twist that makes the music even more special. “These Are The Days” is ultimately a great snapshot of the band’s talent and personality! 5 stars from Celtic Radio!

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The Crown

The Crown will trace the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 to the present day. It is expected to span 60 episodes over 6 seasons, with Claire Foy playing the Queen in the early part of her reign. Only available on Netflix so get your subscription ready!

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The Henry Girls – Falling in Love

The Henry Girls are at it again with a lovely video…

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Rising Gael


“This four-piece band is comprised of young and talented musicians who share a passion for music. The versatile guitar playing of Peter Tissot delivers sweet finger-picking and driving rhythm. Added to the rhythm section are the energetic and racing beats of the bodhran, played by Je Olson. The flying fingers and electrifying bowing of Katie Dionne add beautiful and commanding fiddle to the band’s mix. Layered in the vibrant sound of the group is Erin Ellison’s powerful and nuanced vocals. In addition to singing in the band, Erin contributes graceful and technically impressive flute playing.”

Rising Gael is truly a talented group of musicians whose roots date back to their early days in 2004, when the band finally saw the light of day from a unique vision to entertain audiences with music that feels traditional, yet dynamic and very much alive. The band’s 2008 studio effort, “One More Day” captures the energy of the band, while also revealing the masterful skills and technical nuances of the members in the line-up. Songs such as the title track and opening number, as well as the second track “Toirneach” are a powerful example of how these musicians tip their hat off to the most timeless Celtic folk sonorities, while adding personal themes and lively emotional features to their music.

This is how they connect with the listeners: their songs aren’t plain executions, but genuine interpretations of new and old tracks that find a brand new dimension in the scope of their outstanding work. From the energy of “Journey Man” to the introspective lyrical prowess of “Someday”, Rising Gael knows a thing or two about moving a crowd, in both the physical sense of the expression and on the grounds of the uplifting spiritual impact of their songs.

With a rich and diverse set of talents, instruments and uplifting vocals; Rising Gael’s “One More Day” earns 5 Stars from Celtic Radio!

One More Day

5.0 Stars!

Track List

1. Prelude
2. Nova Scotia Farewell
3. Fierce
4. Bold Riley
5. Interlude I
6. Someday
7. Tam Lin
8. Journey Man
9. Stretched On Your Grave
10. Interlude Ii
11. Never Know
12. Blue Sky Set
13. He Moved Through the Fair
14. Interlude Iii
15. Toirneach
16. One More Day

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Have Pub, Will Travel!


There’s something about a tiny bar that makes the drinking experience that much more fulfilling. Cram a couple taps into what amounts to a glorified broom closet, add a couple strangers and some live music, and you’re in for a memorable round (or five). Think Toad in Porter Square or The Plow and Stars in Cambridge. Been to San Francisco? The Black Horse London Pub should spring to mind. If there are more people waiting to get in than can fit inside, you’re on the right track.

These types of bars can be found in Boston and beyond, but they’re ubiquitous – and beloved – in Ireland. And since not all of us can hop across the pond whenever we feel like an intimate pint among friends, there’s The Shebeen, the tiny Irish pub on wheels…

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