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Hidden Cross Emerges in Ireland

Hidden Celtic Cross Emerges in Ireland… If you happen to be flying over County Donegal in the republic of Ireland, you may be astonished to see a beautiful arrangement of conifer trees in the shape of a Celtic cross growing … Continue reading

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Dancing Dream Comes True

In October of 2010 a 4-year old girl named Natarsha from Australia went with her parents on a trip to Disney World, FL that would change her life. On that trip her and her parents found themselves at Downtown Disney … Continue reading

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Finding Meaning in Celtic Art

There is an undeniable aura that surrounds Celtic designs and Druid traditions. Although I have strong family ties to both Ireland and Scotland, you don’t need a Celtic heritage to be enticed by the culture. It’s been said that as … Continue reading

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New Poll: Gerry Adams and the IRA

Most Americans no little of the troubles of Northern Ireland and the I.R.A. We watched during the late 70s and early 80s on the news each night about the bombings and the murders – but the reasons for it all … Continue reading

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St. Patrick

матрациSt. Patrick’s Day is many things to many people. For some it is a chance to celebrate their Irish heritage and remember their ancestors. For others it is a great day to plan a party and get together with both … Continue reading

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