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Massacre at Glencoe

A song about the massacre of the clan Macdonald at Glencoe. Please give it a ‘Like’ Visit Christine Weir’s website at http://www.christineweir.co.za. Visit the Glencoe Heritage Trust at: http://www.glencoe-heritage-trust.com/

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St. Andrew

Although there is little confirmation as to how St. Andrew actually transformed to become Scotland’s patron saint, the figure is celebrated as one of the prime figures in Scotland to  date. Various multiple theories indicate the importance of St Andrew; … Continue reading

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Reely Jiggered

Reely Jiggered , 02 ABC Winners of the SoundWave Music Competition 2014, are bursting with talent, alive with creativity and live to perform. They are inspired by Celtic Folk music, intrigued by World beats and melodies and drawn to an … Continue reading

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Battle of Bannockburn – 700 Years Ago

The 23 and 24 of June hold a special meaning for Scotland and England as the two countries commemorate one of the longest battles of Medieval times: the battle of Bannockburn. This battle marked a brief period of independence under … Continue reading

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Brave Review

Set in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, Disney’s much anticipated Pixar movie about a Scottish princess, swept into theaters in June with the roar of the clans and to the march of the pipes. To those familiar with Scottish culture … Continue reading

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