Welcome to the Celtic Highlander!

Hello and welcome to the Celtic Highlander!

Our hope is to document and store some of the programming routines that run Celtic Radio along with the processes, systems and technology that runs a popular Internet Radio Station. Perhaps other webcasters will find this information useful in helping to build their own Internet Radio websites.

However, over the past few years we have expanded the range of topics to include history, places of interest, poems and short stories. A bit of everything so to speak. What started out as a blog to document Celtic Radio, has turned into much more covering a wide range of topics, interests and places!

So, why The Celtic Highlander? – It just seems like such a natural fit given our interest and enthusiam in all things Celtic! Now we are not talking about witches or warlocks, we are talking about the ancient peoples of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Galicia, Cornwall and Brittany. These were the lands of the Gaels and where our interest started in this web adventure called “Internet Radio.”

We will try our best to categorize and organize the posts here, so as to make a useful and working website. Along the way, feel free to post comments or to just give us a shout if you have a question. We are more than willing to help you out with specific questions on programming,  music and radio technology for internet radio. Who knows, maybe we will post your question and answers here!

Again thanks for stopping by and Welcome to the Celtic Highlander!

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